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DoSo - The future of mental performance training

App Features

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You’ll learn the most important performance psychology skills needed, and more importantly you’ll do mindset workouts that help you "lock-in" in your attention to those skills. You can repeat these exercises over and over, and each time you practice a session it’s like doing another “rep” – it builds “mental muscle”.



One of the fundamentals to wiring our brain toward resilience is in the simple understanding that what we practice and repeatedly give our attention to starts to become more automatic. Just like our physical training on the mechanics of our sport.

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We know that your training time is limited, so each session is designed to be 12 minutes or less, and only needs to be done 1 x  per day leaving no excuse to say "I don't have the time"!



Stu Singer is the creator of DoSo, and has worked as a sports psychology and performance consultant and coach for professional and Division 1 teams and athletes across the country for over a decade. Stu served an integral role in helping the University of Maryland Women’s basketball team reach back to back Final Fours, and the Washington Mystics to reach the WNBA Finals. His approach focuses on teaching and providing mental performance skills for athletes that have the pressures of competing at elite levels in high school, collegiate, and professional sports.


The DoSo app was designed for his teams as a daily training tool, and now this same training is offered to anyone that wants to work towards mastering the psychological component of performance. 

Stu completed his Doctor of Psychology coursework at the University of the Rockies specializing in sport and performance psychology, and is a professional member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology. Additionally, he received his M.Ed. in Counseling from Shippensburg University.



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Kelyn Rowe


I have trained all my life to get to where I am today, and have worked on all of the tools physically to succeed. However, I need to put all of those physical talents together consistently to go from good to great.  That is where the mental preparation with The DoSo App comes in. Honing my focus on what I can control, keeping my emotions in check, and knowing the exact habits and behaviors that put me in position to be the best soccer player I can be are the mental skills that help me consistently grow my game.   I highly recommend the app for anyone – youth to pros – that want to go to their next-level! 


Natasha Cloud


I was all over the place my first two years in the league. I’ve really worked hard on controlling my emotions in the offseason, especially, and during the season, just to kind of mellow myself down . . . I’m always hyper. I’m always on the go. I’m the hype man, but I also need to keep it level. The DoSo app has been my go to training tool to get my mind right in order to perform at my best.


Cody Cropper


The most critical lesson an athlete can learn is to sharpen their skills on and off the field. I have been an athlete and soccer player for nearly 25 years and have focused on the physical side of the game while expecting the mental side of it to just come with the territory. Over the past eight years as a professional athlete I have realized that doesn’t always happen and that you have to train this side of the game as much as you do every other aspect of your game, if not more. Stuart and DoSo app have provided me with the tools to sharpen my mental skills to enhance my athletic performance on and off the field!




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